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Year Three

With 3rd Year comes our 3rd (and last?) GDW project. The team (Dany, Josh, Max, and myself) started brainstorming by writing out a list of what each of us wanted and didn’t want to see in our game this year. It might not be the case, but I noticed a lot of our ideas drew heavily from games we were currently invested in; a casual observer might see shades of League of Legends and Guild Wars 2 in our quick notes. Being aware of this, we tried to consciously avoid recreating those games.

a brain storm

We wanted to try out RPG-elements like stat-building and loot. To try to keep our scope realistic, I encouraged us to try to keep the length of a play-through short. I reasoned that people would be much more willing to play short and consistently exciting games than gamble on investing too much of their free time on a long game with uncertain pay-offs. Our epic RPG will have to wait. The loot and stats, however, were still interesting enough to keep around.

The next idea we started building on was reminiscent of the Horde mode from Gears of War 2. The player would control a powerful character and try to defend some objective from increasingly stronger waves of enemies. We were musing over some kind of action-RPG/tower-defence amalgamation for a while when the idea of summoning armies was put forth. The idea quickly led us to a game where opposing generals battled for control of objectives by summoning their forces as they ran around the level. From this we found more and more interesting ideas for depth and strategy.  Smiles and ideas abound. We all seemed to be playing out scenarios in this nebulous strategy game in our heads.
The aesthetics of the game are just as loosely defined, I think. As it stands, the game would feature medieval armies and settings. This isn’t new territory for strategy games by any means and I hope we keep looking for a cool visual theme instead of letting it stop at “good enough”.

the bloody aftermath

That’s about where we are now. Now to prototype hex mechanics for the foreseeable future.


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