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I like to move it… move it

A hex grid is great. A hex grid that a nude hermit can teleport around on is even better.
I ended up changing things around a bit since last time.  Pointing to elements of a vector was turning out to be a gigantic hassle, so I gave the character a two dimensional integer that represents its location on the game board instead.

This grid:

This diagram I mocked up was a big help when coding the movement. The biggest hurdle was that movement in directions 0,1,3, and 4 have to act differently if the X value is odd or even. For example, moving along edge 3 from an even numbered X column goes up one X and down one Y but from an even numbered X it only has to go up one X and keep the Y value the same. Modulo operators are very helpful.

Look at him go…

And now for something completely different:

As a break from the monotony of Visual Studio 2008, I thought I would work on mocking up an interesting setting for the game. The vast darkness of an empty openGL window stirs up fear of the unknown and man’s struggle with the infinite. That is no place for someone’s mental state to be in when they want to play a videogame.

The entire game should reinforce the idea that the player is playing a magical medieval board game. “If not in an empty void, where else could a magical medieval board game take place?” I asked myself. “On a table!” I am genius!

Some cursory Googles lead me to a really great blog maintained by a skilled woodworker. The tables are gorgeous.

I want to smell them and touch them and spill drinks all over them. I want Tarotory veterans to resent their mass-produced plastic-and-particleboard Ikea™ table every time they boot the game up. They will load the game on their iPad (I can dream), place the iPad on their current table, and set their dinner plate on top of it all so that they might get some hint of how great it would be to eat off a table like that.  But even though the tables look medieval they do not look magical.

Deeper Googles bring me to burl furniture. This is more like it. This is the sort of table upon which a magician might leave his latest issue of O Magazine.

So I started to get some of that put together. Ideally, the menus and introductions will all take place at a table like this. The game might open to a table with menu options strewn about it. Starting a game could start a sequence where some wizard magic arranges the pieces across the table as the game transitions to the play state. You get the idea.

It is a start...

Well it is late. I’ll get more of this done tomorrow and hope to have something impressive for the milestone in GDW.


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